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Free BTC Generator

Now you can multiply your earnings by viewing advertisements, PTC WALL, Worker, Fight in arena, Miner and Faucet Satoshi. If you are an advertiser you can get more visibility in your business website, and with it you can get lots of sales and signups.

For Earner

You can earn BTC simply by viewing advertisements that we display and much more

  • Earn bitcoins by viewing advertisements (PTC).
  • Earn from PTC Wall.
  • Earn from Faucet Satoshi.
  • Send worker to collect Satoshi for you.
  • Fight in Arena and win Satoshi.
  • Earn from miner.
  • Earn from home.
  • Guaranteed ads daily.
  • Earn more from offers and surveys.
  • You can invite many friends and get many referrals.
  • Earn 50% referral commission.
  • Instant payments with most popular processor Faucethub.
  • Low minimum for withdrawals.

For Advertisers

We offer the lowest price in the industry based on benefits we give to you

  • All visitors are bitcoin users.
  • Access detailed statistics of your campaign.
  • Setup your own clicks that visitors see your ads easily.
  • Choose a duration between 10 to unlimited seconds.
  • Advanced anti-cheat protection.
  • Your audience will view your ad for the whole duration.
  • Free outside visitor clicks.
  • Get Signups from all users.
  • You ads will approved automatically.
  • You can deposit your own satoshi to your account fast.
  • We accept Coinpayments for top-up your satoshi to your account.


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